Data Recovery Job confirmation for Server, NAS, SAN Hard drives.


Below is the complete process, the prices charged and other charges for Client confirmation. Request you to sign and send the original copy along with hard disk to our office.


1.                Client contacts Company only for recovering lost data files (specifically data files and not program, unless otherwise agreed to). Programs, Batch files of Operating Systems, scripts etc. are highly susceptible to being corrupted and rendered useless. It is then the responsibility of the client to re-install these programs.

2.                Charges:

a)       Service Charge: Refer to Table-1

b)       Data Recovery Charge:

i.         Minimum Data Recovery Charges starts from INR 25,000/- onward.

ii.       Maximum Data Recovery Charges Refer to Table-2

c)       Parts Charge: Refer to Table-3.

d)       Other Charges: Refer to Table-4.

e)       Taxes extra as applicable.

f)        Terminate / Decline: Client will have to compensate Company for labour and materials invested in the recovery process, if client wishes to terminate or decline the data recovery process after accepting the Data Recovery Job Confirmation.

3.                Hardware Failed Hard disk or non-detected or making noise.

a)       Company will not share the File/Folder name list.

b)       Whatever is recovered would be accepted by client.

c)       Hard disk warranty will be void.

4.                Logical Recovery.

In case the Hard disk is accessible or partially working or sending the hard disk for recovery of only certain deleted or UN-accessible file / data, client will take a complete backup of existing / accessible file / data from the hard disk on any other suitable media before sending the hard disk.

5.                Pickup and Drop

a)        Mumbai Location: Company will arrange for the pickup and drop of faulty hard disk locally once call is registered via email or details received via online web page.

b)       Out side Mumbai: Client will send via reputed courier to Company office.

c)        Company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during Transit.

6.                Process:

a)       Client will provide the following

i.         Faulty Hard disk from which data need to be recovered.

ii.       Blank Hard disk to copy / Transfer the data with a TAG “BLANK HDD”.

iii.     DRJC duly filled and sign form.

iv.      Service Charge in cash / NEFT with the details.

v.       Business card with authorized person mobile, email ID and contact details.

vi.      In case of Encrypted or Special process - Client will provide process / tool / key / Documentation to DE-Crypt the encrypted Hard disk.

b)       Once the hard disk has been received along with service charge at Company office, we will assign a ‘Job Number’. Request to quote the same for any further correspondence.

c)       Recovery Time:

i.         Express Service: Within 24 Hrs. to 2 working Days.

Advance INR 20,000/- adjustable against Data Recovery or as agreed as DRJC job amount as per Table-2.

ii.       Regular Service: Recovery takes 3 to 12 working days, depending on the complexity of the problem.

d)       Recovery Result:

i.         Data Recovery is on “The Best Effort Basis”, We do not guarantee 100% Data Recovery.

ii.       Client acknowledges that, Company will use its best efforts to recover all or as much data as possible. But due to the severity of the data failure, 100% recovery may not be always possible. All or at least some programs (including operating systems) may become corrupted and rendered useless. In this case, the client will have to re-install the damaged programs. Some of the data files may not be recoverable, due to bad sectors / blocks, overwritten data, excess fragmented files as these scenarios make the data highly susceptible to corruption.

iii.     Client acknowledges that Company will use its best efforts to recover the data in its original "data file structure". However, due to the severity of the data failure, the original "data file structure" may get altered or completely changed. Directories and 'Sub-directories, ‘folders and sub-folders, and file paths may have changed or may not exist. Possible changes that may occur after a recovery are: Example - The name Sanjay's spreadsheet after recovery may change to Exce1001, Exce1002, or XLS001, XLS002, etc.


7.                Delivery:

a)       On successful Data Recovery:

i.         Company Will raise the Invoice and submit via email for clearing the Payment.

ii.       On receipt of the payment, as per mutual understanding either Company will deliver or courier or client will collect the Data from our office.

iii.     Company may not be able to check some data files that require a special program or version number. Client must supply these programs as and when required.

iv.      Upon the delivery of the data to the client, Client Role:

1.       To make a copy of their data.

2.       In case wants to us to retain his data on our side beyond 3 days, INR 1000.00 per day will be charged (for the number of day’s data retained.)

v.       Upon the delivery of the data to the client – Company Role

1.       Company normally keeps a copy of the data for a period of 3 days (this period commences immediately after the client has been notified about the completion of the job assigned to company).

2.       Company will not be obligate to maintain any data thereafter and bears no responsibility of the data.

3.       After successful delivery company will “SANITIZE” all data and media used in the process.

b)       On UN-Successful Data Recovery:

i.         Collect the Hard disk from our office or will courier as per mutual understanding.

8.                Office time: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.

9.                Legal:

a)       By signing this Job confirmation, client acknowledges his awareness that the data provided to company is in damaged or in a non-readable form and also agrees Not to hold the company or any other party involved harmless for any further damage caused in its evaluation / recovery efforts.

b)       This agreement is subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the company shall will be final and binding on all parties.

c)       Confidentiality: Company agrees to ‘absolute non-disclosure’ of any information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from clients hard disk. All data shall remain property of the client. The company accepts to limit access to the information to those of its employees, partners who have a need to know and who agree to be bound by this confidentiality agreement.



Table - 1 Service Charge:(Per hard disk)

Device Type


Up to 500 GB

Capacity 501-2000 GB

Capacity 2001-4000 GB

Server, NAS,SAN




1.               Non-Refundable and Non-Adjustable, to be paid along with Hard disk.


Table - 2 Data Recovery Charges Rate: (Rates are PER GB)

Data Size

(in GB)

Rates Per GB


Up to 50 GB(#)


1.       (#) Minimum 25000/- up to 10 GB and 1500/- extra per GB up to 50 GB.

2.       Other Extra Charges

a)       Damage or Sabotage done by others: 50% Extra on Data Recovery Charges.

b)      Password or Encrypted (*) Drive: 50% Extra on Data Recovery Charges. (*) this doesn’t include RANSOME WARE affected hard disk.

51 - 100












Table - 3 Parts Charges :

(Applicable only if we have to arrange on client behalf and non-returnable basis.)

Device Type


Up to 500 GB

Capacity 501-1000 GB

Capacity 1001-2000 GB

Capacity 2001-4000 GB






Table - 4 Other Charges:



After Validity, Don’t Pick up Device.

Hard disk retaining @ 250/- per Day, till it is discarded.

Declining cost.

Re-reimbursement of parts and labor.

Delay in Payments after validity.

10% extra.

Second Copy of the data.

50% of the Data Recovery Charges

Table - 5 How Recovery cost is low?

HDD Size (GB)

Data Size (GB)

Number of Folder

Number of Files

Cost of Recovery (as per Table-2)

Cost per Folder

Cost per Files.


















































        Only Data Recovery cost is considered.

        Cost per file or folder is very low and What is cost of Re-Creation ?



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Suppose my data is Not Recovered? Do I still have to pay the Recovery Charges?

A.              In case of No Recovery or 100% GARBAGE, No Invoice will be raised.


Q. Do you charge for Re-process?

A. Yes.


Q. How is billing done?

A. Based on Data Copied X Rate as per Table-2 will be invoiced.


Q. Recovery Charges are too high?

A.              Refer to Table-5 will give exact why the cost is lower.


Q. Do you provide Data Verification?

A.              Yes, After Clearing the Payments.


Q. Can we have discount or Bargain?

A.              No, Already Based on Data size appropriate as per Data Recovery Rate Table-2 is considered.  On First Slab, Itself 30% to Last Slab up-to 65% is reduced.


Q. We are not at Mumbai? How to send/Receive the hard disk?

A. Do send via a reputed courier.



I have read, understood and agreeing to all Company’s terms and conditions.


I am handing over the device with full permission to company/personal to access/repair the device and will accepts in whatever condition returned to me.

Client Details.

Company Name


GST Number


Email ID:


Hard disk Make







Serial Number


Mobile Number


Job Number

(for office use only)


Client Full Name (in BLOCK LETTERS)

Client Signature (Company Seal / Rubber Stamp)






How to Take Decision

Step-By-Step Process:

1.     First Re-Check Data Backup or Any chance to get data from internal or external sources. Only Option left is to go for Data Recovery.

2.     What is Data Size? it is OK if you don’t know exact but rough or Approximate size is fine, as we need to know upfront to give you cost and delivery time. Based on Table-2 calculate the Cost.

3.     Cost is comfortable to go ahead. (see Table-6 Below)

4.     Re-check yourself and take all necessary approval.

5.     Go Ahead and sign the DRJC and send it with Hard disk and complete the process.

6.     On Successful Result clear the payment.

7.     Cheers, Get your Data.





Total Cost for Data recovery?

In Case of Successful Recovery following Charges are applicable, otherwise only Service Charges is the investment.


There are 4 to 5 components

1.               Service Charge - Refer to Table-1

2.               Data Recovery Charge - Refer to Table-2

3.               Parts (if applicable) - Refer to Table -3

4.               Other Charges (If applicable) - Refer to Table-4

5.               Blank Hard disk to copy/Transfer the data.


Case - 1 No Parts and No Other Charges

Cost of Recovery = Service Charge + Data Recovery Charge


Case - 2 Plus Parts and No Other Charges

Cost of Recovery = Service Charge + Data Recovery Charge + Parts Charges


Case - 3 Plus Other Charges

Cost of Recovery = Service Charge + Data Recovery Charge + Parts Charges + Other Charges


Case - 4 Plus Sabotage or Encryption.

Cost of Recovery = (Service Charge + Data Recovery Charge) + half of (Service Charge + Data Recovery Charge


Calculation as per Table-2, go for Higher Data size and get more discount.




Rates Per GB

Cost of Recovery




















In case of Full recovery and data size above 100 i.e. 101 there is huge discount available.


100 GB will cost 1.40,000/-

And 101 GB will cost 1,31,300/-


So as data size goes higher recovery cost direct discount is there.

It will be smarter choice to go for higher data size and lower the cost.


Higher Data Size = Lower the Cost


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